Meet Our Team


Ankita Ahluwalia

Founder, Tutor, Director of POWAN Initiative

Ankita is a freshman at UC Riverside majoring in Computer Science with Business Applications. She has led various teams and is passionate to utilize programming to positively impact society. She tutors students in rigorous subjects, leads meetings, and communicates with other organizations to ensure students' success. Overall, she enjoys learning and collaborating with other innovative minds and takes setbacks as a great learning opportunity. She has extensive experience in marketing, fundraising, and leading a team to accomplish program deliverables. Some tasks she is in charge of include drafting newsletters, emailing students/tutors, outreach, website/events management, and marketing.


Karanvir Singh

Founding Member, Tutor, POWAN SI Coordinator

Karan is a freshman at UC Riverside majoring in Biology. He wishes to share his love for science, math, and english with K-12 students. He is a reliable, helpful, and friendly POWAN tutor who makes learning fun for his students. As a founding team member and the administrative leader of the Outreach and Marketing team, he brainstorms marketing techniques and communicates with POWAN volunteers. He sends daily newsletters out to students and tutors. He is also adept and experienced with the POWAN scheduling system. With his data analysis and problem solving acumen, he implements solutions to arisen issues. 


Saina Salamati

Social Media Manager, Marketing Team Lead

Saina is a freshman at Irvine Valley College currently majoring in Psychology. She is the Social Media Coordinator as well as the leader of the Event Panning and Marketing team of POWAN. She has a strong background with fundraising and events and contributes greatly with her innovative ideas. She creates bright and friendly graphics and oversees all of our social media platforms.


Manisha Kumar

Marketing Team Lead

Manisha is a senior at UC San Diego majoring in molecular cell biology. She is extremely passionate about medicine and providing access to education. She joined POWAN Initiative fall 2020 as a tutor and is now co-leading the outreach and marketing committee. She ensures we are communicating daily with other organizations and advertises our organization to other college students. She spearheads all outreach operations alongside Karan. They work together to ensure families everywhere have access to POWAN's educational assistance.


Angelina Chen

Marketing Team Coordinator

Angelina is a senior at UC Davis, studying Managerial Economics emphasizing in Business and International Relations with a minor in Technology Management. At POWAN, Angelina leads efforts in the Fundraising and Marketing functional areas. Not only does she have experience in marketing and event planning, but she is also an expert in project management. She supports communication and cross functional teamwork by tracking program deliverables, researching grants, coordinating partnerships, and leading team meetings.


Kevin Quach

POWAN Ambassador and Tutor

Kevin is a sophomore at UC Riverside majoring in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. As a dedicated POWAN Initiative Tutor and Representative, he is extremely passionate about supporting local communities through providing free access to education for those that need it the most. Not only does he love tutoring, he also enjoys representing POWAN Initiative and discussing its ambitious goals through communications with a wide array of educational programs and administrators.

Giselle's Picture.jpeg

Giselle Madariaga

POWAN Liaison, Marketing Team Lead, Tutor

Giselle is an aspiring school psychologist. She attended UC Riverside where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. She is passionate about providing free access to education and helping students succeed. Giselle joined POWAN back in August 2020 and is now in charge of fostering a community between tutors. She plans to organize social/professional events to provide resources and support to our volunteers. She plans to show appreciation to our tutors in different ways and assist the Marketing Team with advertising. 


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