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Are you looking for a volunteer activity? Are you highly skilled in a course? Well here's your opportunity. Tutor away!

If you are someone who has great tutoring skills and is skilled in a subject like Math and English, become a "Power of Words and Numbers" tutor. Join our team to help students reach their academic goals. If you want to teach a subject not listed on our site, you can still teach it and it will be added on the courses taught. 
You can get volunteer hours certificates! Awards! A post on our social media! Letters of recommendation! AND SO MUCH MORE!


Send us your resume/brag sheet/paragraph about you and your qualifications OR fill out the form down below! We'll find you a spot. It's that simple.

Tutor students. Make a difference.

Know the Process!

Application Form

The application form is the first step towards joining POWAN!



The interview allows us to assess the competencies of our applicants.

Tutor Vetting

The vetting process ensures that our tutors are trustworthy and qualified to work with children.


The orientation process prepares our new tutors for their responsibilities.


The onboarding process matches our qualified tutors with eager students.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ by Tutors

What's the minimum amount someone can become a volunteer tutor?

The minimum amount someone can tutor is tutoring a student one hour a week. In terms of timing, our organization is super flexible and we always ask how your workload is before giving you another student. If you are busy, you can always stick to teaching one student a week. :)

What is a standard checklist of what tutors do?

Great question! This is a standard checklist of what our tutors do:

  1. Check if audio and video works for the meeting. Check if all teaching tools work (ex. sharing screen).
  2. Tutor student and help them reach their academic goals! Making a difference!
  3. Answer questions. Be patient and friendly. Then end the meeting. :)
  4. Write hours in google sheet.
  5. Send student homework or helpful links in an email and set a date for next meeting. REMEMBER to send all email conversations with students to as well for tutoring proof and safety reasons. Lastly, all our tutors make a difference!

What are perks of being a tutor?

-You will receive a certificate stating your service hours (every 50 community hours gets you a certificate) as well as awards! Make sure to email us your hours every 50 hours earned! -You can receive a specialized letter of recommendation! -A post on our website about your accomplishments! AND THE BEST PART: You are changing the world!

How are POWAN Initiative tutors different?

They provide high-quality tutoring services to K-12 students for FREE! They go the extra mile. They provide HW and email helpful links to students to ensure their success. They do everything they can to help students reach their academic goals!