Our Mission (Helping families during COVID and beyond!)

Students shouldn't have to worry about the cost of tutoring services. Nothing should stand in the way of education.

The mission of "The Power of Words and Numbers" Initiative is to assist all families overburdened by financial obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic. We teach K-12 English, Math, and Science. Our organization connects students to high-quality tutors.

If students don't bring your own school curriculum, we teach them from approved and helpful workbooks. Our main goal is to help students' academic goals a reality. Email what class you need help with and they’ll find you a spot. It's that simple.

All tutors at the POWAN Initiative make a difference. We are super flexible, fun, and let tutors be independent. Some perks include: awards, volunteer hour certificates, a post about you on our website after completing 50 hours, tutoring experience, and most of all you're making a difference!

We don't care about money, fame, or anything of that sort. We care about making students successful in whatever they do in life.

We tutor because we care.