“The Power of Words and Numbers” Initiative Updated Health and Safety Policy Statement




“The Power of Words and Numbers” Initiative is committed to preventing, reducing, and eliminating the risk of injury and crime to our tutors and our students. We are also committed to ensuring every student is connected to a safe, educational guide as their tutor.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both tutors and students, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We will strive to eliminate any safety risk associated with our volunteer tutors and students. Our organization will continue to have a rigorous vetting process to ensure all tutors are academically excellent and safe to contact/teach.

We recognize while “The Power of Words and Numbers” Initiative and supervisors set these health and safety standards in the workplace, that health and safety culture is created and shared between all workplace parties. All POWAN tutors are expected to help us create a positive safety culture and help to eliminate any safety risk. Ultimately, our organization isn’t responsible for any liability issues. By continuing with our website and scheduling, you understand our organization’s Safety Policy and agree to never meet up with students and tutors elsewhere other than the online platform. 

In terms of how we choose our tutors, our application process to be a tutor is rigorous. Additionally, we do go through a background check for every prospective tutor. If we feel tutors are academically excellent in one or more of our core classes (including Math, English, and Science), they fill the first mandatory checkpoint. We look for background research or experience in these subjects. Another thing we look for is that all tutors are caring and extremely passionate about making a difference in students’ lives. The last and most important checkpoint every tutor must pass through is a pristine background check (no criminal records or questionable activity).


After a tutor passes through all checkpoints, then we interview the prospective tutor. We do want to emphasize we look at every resume and every application carefully. WE ALWAYS LOOK AT APPLICATIONS IN DEPTH! We conduct interviews with tutors to learn more about them and to answer any of our questions about their qualifications. In terms of our emailing process, we are quick to respond to emails and that’s just how we operate. Within a week, at most, students will get connected to tutor. We want to ensure we have great tutors representing us and our organization. We are extremely serious on that. 

All tutors will perform their jobs properly in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices covered in Virtual Orientation. There are mandatory questions every tutor must answer correctly in order to officially start tutoring.

We trust that all of you will join us in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.

Management recognizes the right of students and tutors to work in a safe and healthy work environment. All tutors and students will be held accountable for their health and safety performance. Remember, think first, use common sense, and don’t take chances with your safety. And if you see an unsafe situation, contact the proper authorities immediately like the nearby police station. Later, contact us to let us know what has happened. However, we are not responsible for any liability issues. 

Management and supervisors are committed to making our workplaces safe for everyone. Your attitude as a volunteer tutor and student in the promotion of everyone’s safety and accident prevention will assist in achieving our goal to make “The Power of Words and Numbers” Initiative a better place to volunteer and serve the community. As a reminder, we have set the safety policy here above and if anyone -whether they are a tutor or a student- defies the following expectations, they will no longer be a part of our organization. Thank you.

-POWAN Administrative Team